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Cut cooking time in half with the thermo whip plus cream gun by iSi. This versatile kitchen accessory uses the latest in culinary technology to allow you to prepare whipped cream, foams, sauces and soups with just a few shakes. Thanks to various attachments and precise nozzles, you can plate and decorate dishes like a professional chef. Use with the iSi charger bombs.

In the detail

  • Double-walled vacuum bottle with maximum insulating performance
  • Suited for both cold & hot preparations
  • Polished stainless steel body & head with chrome charger holder & dust cover
  • Red head gasket with excellent resistance to high & low temperatures
  • Metal head with protective silicone grip
  • Fixed, stainless steel dispensing valve in head
  • Coloured decorator nozzle with metal threads, lever & colour clip
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • NSF-certified
  • Use with iSi Cream Charger 10pc?


iSi is on a mission to reinterpret the taste of food through its innovative collection of culinary technologies. Always inspiring new trends, iSi approaches the culinary arts with a unique perspective and propensity to discover and uncover the limits and possibilities of taste and technology. For over 50 years, iSi has enriched gastronomy at home as well as professional kitchens in over 80 countries with product solutions like their cream guns and whipped cream bombs.

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