1.1 It is recorded that Core, as a Responsible Party, will be processing personal information for the Online User / Customer / Purchaser (the “Client”) as specified in a Purchase Order / Invoice / Online Offering / Enquiry (the “Contract”) and where applicable. 

Core and the Client (the “Parties”) agree that in processing such personal information, Core is to comply with the provisions of the Protection of Personal Information Act 4 of 2013 (the “Act”).

1.2 Core may, with the knowledge and consent of the Client, process and use such personal information for the purpose of fulfilling its obligations under the Contract or its Online / E-mail offering to the Client.

1.3 Core must treat the personal information received by/from the Client as confidential and must not disclose it to 3rd parties, unless:
1.3.1 required to conclude or perform the Contract;
1.3.2 required to do so by law;
1.3.3 processing protects a legitimate interest of the Client;
1.3.4 processing is necessary for the performance of a public law duty; and/or
1.3.5 it is done in pursuit of the legitimate interests of Core

1.4 Further processing will be allowed if compatible with the Contract and within the ambit of the Act.

1.5 Upon termination of any Contract between the Parties (or lack thereof) and written request of the Client, Core shall return to the Client any paper received containing, pertaining or relating to the personal information disclosed by the Client pursuant to the Contract subject to such records not being required by Core for bookkeeping purposes the cost of which delivery to be borne by the Client.

Alternatively, Core shall (at the written request of the Client) destroy such material / delete electronically stored information and confirm to the Client that it has done so.

1.6 Core agrees that it shall be accountable at all times to the Purchaser in processing personal information as well as use its best endeavours to not allow such information to spill into the public domain or to be used by unauthorized 3rd parties.

1.7 Core indemnifies the Client and holds it harmless against any loss or liability suffered or incurred by the Client, which may accrue against or be charged to or be recovered from or sought to be recovered from the Client arising from Core’s material breach of its obligations to the Client in terms of the Contract and/or Core’s gross negligent or intentional conduct in relation to the processing of the Client’s Personal Information.