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Product Description

This commercial kitchen ice flaker by Brema can produce over 150kg of ice every 24 hours, ensuring you always have enough flake ice to keep seafood and other items fresh and chilled. Please note that installation requires a ventilated room, water connection and waste drainage.

In the detail

  • Dimensions: W690mm x L738mm x H1020mm
  • Weight: 94kg
  • Storage: 55kg
  • Power: 0.65kW, 220V – 240V, 50Hz
  • Output: 150kg/24hrs



This product holds a 3-year warranty, provided parts have not failed as a result of wear and tear or negligence.


Quality without compromise is the leading principle that has kept Brema Ice Makers at the top of the industry since 1985. Through constant care and attention to detail, Brema has fostered a passion for ice-making that places the consumer first in all regards. Their approach to manufacturing ice machines follows only the highest standards and uses the best materials and most advanced technologies to ensure their ice production is of the topmost quality. As a testament to their reliability, all of Brema’s ice machines come with international certifications for safety, ...

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