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Product Description

Acrylic and polypropylene body that allows you to view the contents inside. Injector tip and stainless steel rod with greater resistance and durability. 30 ml capacity. Make your meats even tastier with Tramontina’s 30 ml acrylic/polypropylene and stainless steel seasoning injector. It allows you to add seasoning directly into the meat, making it ideal for barbecues and oven roasts. The injector is produced with an acrylic and polypropylene body, its injector tip and rod are made of stainless steel, materials that guarantee its durability and quality.

Recommended use:

Before first use, wash the parts well and dry them. Be careful when handling sharp and piercing products and keep them out of the reach of children. For greater durability of products, it is recommended to dry well before storing. To dispose of products and packaging, follow current recycling guidelines.

In the detail

  • Injector Rod: Stainless Steel
  • Injector Body: Acrylic/polypropylene
  • Size: 38mm x 105mm x 275mm
  • Colour: Transparent
  • Weight: 0.9kg



90 days for defects or manufacturing defects


Founded in 1911 in Brazil, Tramontina is an international brand with over 100 years of experience in manufacturing high-end houseware products. It operates in over 120 countries offering quality, innovative, and functional products. Tramontina is dedicated to being a market leader in environmental responsibility and sustainable development – taking this on as one of its core values.


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