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Product Description

The Kuechenprofi Ravioli Tray with wooden roller is a great accessory to help you whip up a batch of ravioli portions in a matter of minutes. The ravioli board is perfect for making delicious ravioli for lunches or desserts with a variety of filling ideas like chocolate, cheese, mince or creamy vegetable mixes.

In the detail

  • Polished aluminum
  • 12 Hole
  • Packaging dimensions: 220L x 150W x 39H mm
  • Wooden roller included
  • Place a strip of flour-dusted dough on the tray and press the dough into the wells
  • Add a filling of choice into the wells
  • Brush the edges of the pasta with a little whisked egg yolk so that the edges of the pasta hold together well
  • Finally, place the second sheet of dough on top and roll the included dough roller over the mold
  • The ravioli pieces are now closed and can be carefully removed from the mold and baked, fried or steamed