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Product Description

This oven thermometer will help you with consistent results with recipes every time. Temperature reading shown by most ovens are not accurate, the internal thermometer in the oven only measures the temperature of the location where it is installed. For accurate reading you need to have a good oven thermometer that can give you the correct temperature. Oven temperatures may also vary from bottom to top rack, therefore it is best to place the thermometer as near as possible to your baking pan to get the most accurate reading. For your convenience it has a hanging and standing function.

In the detail

  • Polished stainless steel
  • Length: Dial +/- 50mm
  • Temperature range: 60 – 87 degree Celsius in 5 degree Celsius
  • Accuracy: ?9 degree Celsius
  • Dimensions: 60L x 50W x 75H mm
  • Tips For Using Your Oven Thermometer:
    • Before turning your oven on, put your oven thermometer on a shelf or hang it from a shelf in the oven
    • To avoid having to open the door to check temperature and causing heat to escape from the oven, close the door of the oven and make sure you can see the thermometer from outside
    • Turn your oven on, when thermometer is the correct heat, start cooking or baking


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