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By Elisabeth Hodgson

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Product Description

Designed to give glass that professional sparkle. Made with high quality linen, these cloths are perfect for cleaning your glasses, leaving no unwanted cloth residue and ensuring your service and presentation is perfect. Made in United Kingdom.

In the detail

  • High quality linen
  • Perfect for cleaning glass without leaving residue
  • Dimensions: +/_ 400L x 300W mm


Using the correct kitchen tools when cooking and baking makes the task so much easier. It is this very belief that has inspired Elisabeth Hodgson Kitchen to offer the public premium-quality kitchen utensils and tools since 1974. At EHK, they value tradition, consistency and, most importantly, quality, meaning every EHK product you buy has passed a rigorous testing process to ensure only the best of classic kitchen tools gets delivered to your door. So, kit out your kitchen with EHK’s host of beautifully designed, wood and stainless steel kitchen accessories.