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Product Description

Ever wondered how professional pastry chefs get those perfect icing shapes on cakes and cupcakes? The answer is the Le Tube pastry syringe by De Buyer. This handy kitchen accessory allows you to pipe and frost pastries and cakes with absolute ease like a real patisserie chef.

In the detail

  • Le Tube filler syringe is perfect for any kitchen to assist with confectionary baking or caterer’s food preparations
  • The set includes:
    • 2x V750ml Transparent polycarbonate chambers
    • 2x Additional airtight lids for storing another preparation
    • Heavy-duty plastic airtight lids & handle cover
    • Polished stainless steel trigger and mechanism
    • 13x Stainless steel decorating disks
    • 2x Standard polycarbonate nozzles (1x D11mm smooth nozzle & 1x D13mm eight-toothed fluted nozzle)
    • Graduated measurement markings in ounces & millilitres
    • Temperature resistant up to 100 degrees Celsius
    • Easily disassembled for quick and fuss-free cleaning
  • Additional nozzles sets available for various applications
  • 30x Additional decorating nozzles sold separately


Made in France, De Buyer’s range of cooking and pastry utensils has been perfected for the restaurant trade as top-of-the-range gastronomy tools. With more than 180 years of experience in working metal, the business has expanded its range to more than 2,500 products, which are exported to over 95 countries. Thanks to their far-stretching history, De Buyer has perfected their craft, which can easily be proven by the slew of awards the business has racked up over the years including the prestigious CSR award. Each frying pan, saucepan and utensil is formed using tradit...

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