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Product Description

The Classeq Passthrough Dishwasher range can accommodate a wide variety of industries and come complete with setup and a resource-saving dosing system. High volume digital dishwashers suitable for straight-through or corner situated operation, the P500A machines are capable of washing up to 720 plates per hour. The P500A has an effective water consumption reduction, offering only a 28 litre wash tank, ensuring a minimized running cost, with the same optimal cleaning result you would expect from larger machines. Easy cleaning ensures a reduced labour cost due to the continuous hood clean and removable front panel that allows excellent service access.

This P500A machine comes with the following configuration:

  • Boiler heating zero pressure 8,6 kW
  • With drain pump
  • Rinse aid dosing pump included
  • With Air Gap Rinse booster pump included
  • Display LCD premium – built in
  • Rack equipment Classeq 500 mm Open & Plate, 8 Sec. Cutlery
  • Three-phase current 380V-415V3N~; 50 Hz Fuse protection 17 Ampere

In the detail

  • LCD display – enhances user functionality by displaying rinse and wash tank temperatures.
  • Maximum clear entry height: 440 mm
  • Water inlet height floor level: 255-310mm
  • Drain height floor level: 0-700mm
  • Drain Size: 40mm Diameter
  • Basket Size: 500 x 500 mm
  • Dimensions: 635(W) x 712(D) x 1460(H) mm (2010mm max)
  • Height – Hood Open: 1955-2010mm
  • Height – Hood Closed: 1460-1515mm


  • Theoretical max racks per hour: 40
  • Plates per rack: 18
  • Number of wash programmes: 3
  • Duration of wash programmes: 1.5, 3 & 5 minutes
  • Noise level: < 70 dB
  • Net weight: 130kg
  • Wash pump size: 0.58kW
  • Wash pump capacity: 380 Ltrs/min
  • Wash tank heating: 4.05kW
  • Wash tank capacity: 28L
  • Wash tank temperature: 55 °C
  • Rinse boiler capacity: 7.5L (DUO) / 12L (DUOWS)
  • Rinse boiler temperature: 82°C
  • Rinse water consumption at 2 bar: 3 Ltrs

Hydraulic Specifications

  • Water supply connection: G3/4″ (3/4″Bsp)
  • Required water pressure : 2-4 bar
  • Required water flow rate: 11L/min
  • Required Water Flow Rate with integral water softener: 4 L/min

Electrical Specifications

  • Operating voltage – Standard: 380-415AC/50/3N
  • Operating voltage – Optional: 220-240AC/50/1N
  • Amps required – 3 Phase: 40 Degree Celsius
  • Water fed: 10 Degree Celsius
  • Rinse Boiler Heating
  • Everyday Use – P500A-12 (380-415AC/50/3N): 6 kW
  • Everyday Use – P500A-30 (220-240AC/50/1N): 6 kW
  • Intermediate Use – P500A-16 (380-415AC/50/3N): 8.64 kW
  • Intensive Use – P500A-22 (380-415AC/50/3N): 12 kW

Total Connected Load

  • Everyday Use – P500A-12 (380-415AC/50/3N): 6.68 kW
  • Everyday Use – P500A-30 (220-240AC/50/1N): 6.68 kW
  • Intermediate Use – P500A-16 (380-415AC/50/3N): 9.32 kW
  • Intensive Use – P500A-22 380-415AC/50/3N: 12.68 kW



Exclusions to warranty include:

  • Breakdown attendance due to an obstruction in wash and/or drain pump.
  • Incorrect filling of detergent/rinse aid reservoirs (cross-contamination).
  • Scale related issues, caused by incorrect regeneration of water softener.
  • Willful damage to the exterior of the machine.
  • Fluid being spilled unto electrics of machine.
  • External damage to supply/waste fittings caused by insufficient care being taken when cleaning below the machine.
  • Inadequate cleaning of the wash/rinse arms.
  • Parts that have been removed by the operator then lost or not returned to the machine correctly.
  • Callouts due to pre-shower unit and related parts, or faults not related to, or external to the machine.
  • Stainless steel tabling, sinks, taps and associated services.
  • Baskets and racks.
  • Inadequate cleaning of the interior wash chamber leading to component blockage/failure.
  • Services to the machine.
  • Water condition water treatment hoses and taps.
  • Relocation of the machine.
  • Dosing equipment which is supplied by third party chemicals.
  • Repairs carried out by unauthorized Winterhalter personnel.
  • Where repairs are taken, and no fault is found.


Winterhalter specially designs warewashing machines for the catering industry as their products have a host of technical features and a built-in system that ensures ultra-clean dishes and sparkling glasses. The fact that Winterhalter’s washing machines are made in Germany and Switzerland is not just an indication of origin but it's also a seal of quality with the average working life of their appliances sitting at 15 years. The premium quality and reliability of these machines are the results of Winterhalter’s commitment to continuous research, innovation and impro...

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