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Product Description

The versatile Ambient Display Cabinet by Salvador lends a sophisticated atmosphere to your display setting. The display is compact, versatile, efficient and cost effective with an added shelf inside for feature products. It increases your overall appearance of your shop and display, and it increases the value of your product as it is presented in a more secure and hygienic manner to the consumer.

In the detail

  • Ambient display cabinet
  • Plexiglass sliding doors
  • Tempered glass walls
  • No loose shelf
  • Dimensions: 920L x 330W x 215H mm
  • Also available in a double shelf display (Includes 1x removable glass shelf)
  • Also available in a larger 1200mm option


One of the biggest names in the catering industry, Salvadore, has become synonymous with innovative, high-performance refrigeration. Their extensive range of durable and lasting commercial fridges and freezers have been keeping the South African restaurant industry’s produce fresh for years and continue to do so thanks to their unparalleled longevity.

So, if you’re looking for lasting refrigeration solutions, look no further than Salvadore. Shop their collection of high-performance fridges, freezers, cold-food b...

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