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Explore the different types of Tramontina knives

Explore the different types of Tramontina knives

Do you know what each knife in your kitchen is for? Each type is designed especially for one cut or one ingredient, and for someone who is always cooking, these small facilities make all the difference – as well as bringing a little more safety. Understand which you need to have at home and how to make the most of each:


This is a versatile knife that everyone needs to have in the kitchen. It is ideal for everyday use for all kinds of food and seasonings, from mashing garlic to slicing medallions easily.


Like the previous model, this is a versatile and super necessary knife. It cuts, chops and slices. You can make an entire recipe with it.


This is the right knife for more precise meat cutting. Moreover, the thick and heavy blade makes it easier to break through bone. The look is very traditional, giving the kitchen that professional touch.


It is smaller than the previous models and perfect for peeling, cleaning and more delicate cutting, where the other knives would be too big.


With a serrated edge, they allow for cutting bread without smashing it. It is a useful knife for those passionate about bread.


With a micro-serrated edge, it cuts without crushing the food. This is a super practical knife for daily use in the kitchen.


With a flexible blade, it is recommended for cutting fillets and for removing fish skin.


Because of the holes, slices of cheese don’t stick to it. And as the name says, it is ideal for slicing soft and semi-hard cheeses.

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