How to Choose the Best Beer Glass

There are many features of beer glasses that influence the flavour and aroma of beer that we, unfortunately, don’t pay enough attention to, for instance, every style of beer can be matched to a particular glass shape. Varying degrees of curvature and bowl size help to capture certain aromas, for example, the wider midsection of stout glasses are ideal for retaining the heady caramel and malt aromas of heavy beers.

The volume of the glass also impacts the flavour of the beer. We are so used to seeing servers fill our glasses to the rim, which is great if you are really thirsty, but not ideal when you seriously want to savour the drinking experience. Always choose a beer glass with greater internal volume than the beer being poured. This way you will ensure that there is sufficient head space for gradual aroma diffusion, otherwise all those fine fruity notes that make your beer special will disappear.

Lastly, make sure your glass is of fine, brilliant quality. The clarity of your glass highlights the unique colours of your beers bringing extra appreciation to the tasting experience. At Core Catering Supplies, we offer a wide selection of premium beer glasses to bring out the best in your old favourites.

Complement Your Favourite Beers With Our Comprehensive Beer Glass Selection

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