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Sustainable Catering Supplies

In today’s world, where sustainability is no longer a choice but a necessity, we at Core Catering Supplies are proud to partner with Leerdam Crisal Glass, a leader in sustainable glass manufacturing. As a dedicated distributor of Leerdam Crisal Glass products, we are excited to share the innovative and environmentally conscious efforts of our esteemed supplier.

Leerdam Crisal Glass has released it’s first “Sustainability Update”, highlighting their efforts in ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance). LCGlass aligns their efforts with the three SDG’s (United Nations Sustainability Goals), by incorporating the following sustainable practices into their manufacturing process:


LCGlass Leerdam is redefining the production area by introducing robotization on specific
processes to improve ergonomics and the team’s well-being.


LCGlass takes responsibility for the entire supply chain by sending a refreshed Sustainability
Questionnaire to the suppliers and defining mutual interests for improvement.


LCGlass Leerdam increased maintenance to focus on the water supply system and,
as a result, has decreased municipal water use by 59% in its production processes.

Sustainability Update: The new OXYHYBRID FURNACE

Leerdam Crisal Glassware has started a project to ensure timely compliance with the EU CSRD guidelines. Sustainability reporting will be in place over the 2025 business report. Aiming to reduce energy consumption at LCGlass by installing a more efficient kiln in the mold maintenance area.

Leerdam Crisal Glassware plans on starting the new Oxyhybrid Furnace at the end of the year, a flexible concept incorporating electric power, natural gas, and potential hydrogen applications. Additionally, this new furnace will use a new form of technology, which not only allows the addition of green energy through the consumption of hydrogen and pure oxygen but also significantly reduces the use of fossil fuels, such as natural gas. Consequently, this innovation will greatly contribute to their sustainability efforts and further advance their commitment to environmental responsibility.

Leerdam Crisal Glass leads the way towards a greener future with their sustainable practices, and we’re excited to offer their eco-friendly products to our customers, making a positive environmental impact together.

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