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Product Description

  • High quality plastic wall mounted mop organizer
  • The holder features the following:
    • 3x Integrated support cones perfect for storing small items like cloths, covering or heads of the fringed floor washers
    • 2x Holder grips for handles with their cleaning tools
    • 3x Hooks for convenient storage of clothes or products with drawstring
  • Covers with side inserts can be hung in the center, making this is a perfect solution for the Leifheit Profi XL and Classic XL range
  • Mounting set included (2 dowels, 2 screws) for secure attachment to the wall
  • Compact and efficient storing holder takes up very little space and is mountable in any area
  • Colour: White



3 Years limited factory warranty


Leifheit is a leading European supplier of quality cleaning products. This German manufacturer creates premium products that are suitable for commercial and residential use. Their products are perfectly designed for ease of use and efficacy.


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