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Product Description

Bring rustic charm to tea and coffee service with the Stonecast sugar bowl from Churchill. Its bold colours and hand-painted speckled design is sure to leave your guests impressed.

In the detail

  • Available in various colours
  • V227ml
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Microwave safe
  • Hand decorated with fine speckles and rustic edge in a rich golden brown


Quality is everything to Churchill. This approach to manufacture and design has allowed them to continually deliver innovative, high-performance dinnerware to the global market that they can truly be proud of. Churchill’s dedication to their rich historical experience in the industry as well as a willingness to adopt the latest in technological advancement allows them to meet and exceed the highest standards for presentation, practicality and performance.  All of Churchill’s products undergo a rigorous and stringent testing process by both independent and thei...

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