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Product Description

The SPKSY Ballon wine glass features the distinct bulgy chalice and hexagonal stem that make this range popular for any bar collection. It serves beautifully with deep rich wines, colourful cocktails and lush flavour gins. Serve up everyone’s favourite sundowner in vintage style.

In the detail

  • 100% glass
  • Wine glass with large round body
  • Long hexagonal stem and sturdy foot
  • Suitable for the service of wines, gin cocktails and desserts
  • Highly chip resistant
  • Dishwasher and glasswasher safe
  • Col: Clear stem
  • V581ml – H203mm


Leerdam Crisal Glass, is a premium European glass tableware manufacturer. They have been designing, producing and selling glassware for more than 250 years. As a result their quality products are used extensively in catering and home environments globally. With more than 600 staff in the Netherlands and Portugal, they are committed to providing products of impeccable quality and design.

With ONIS Rim Guarantee you don't have to worry when the rim of your glass chips. Make sure to keep it and return it back to your C...

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