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Product Description

  • Accommodates all third, half and full size standard food pans/tray
  • Insulated to maintain correct serving temperatures
  • Stackable for easy storage and convenient transporting
  • Spare hinges available
  • HACCP Compliant as it forms part of the CCP (Critical control point)
  • Dimensions: 641L x 479W x 676H mm
  • Weight: 9kg
  • Dolley (DUC0001) sold separately for additional ease of transport with larger order deliveries

In the detail

  • Each front loader compartment holds one of the following food pan combinations:
  • 5x INF4065
  • 3x INF4100 + 2x INF4065
  • 2x INF4150 + 1x INF4065
  • 1x INF4150 + 1x INF4100 + 2x INF4065
  • 1X INF4150 + 2X INF4100
  • 4X INF4065 + 1X INF4100
  • 2X INF4065 + 2X INF4100
  • 3X INF4065 + 1X INF4150

*Any full size insert can be replaced with 2x half inserts or 3x third inserts


Built to withstand the pressures of daily hospitality use, Avenia products are known in the industry for their durability and functionality. Easy to use and easy to maintain, an all-round practical range. 


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