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Product Description

The Sego 12L Coffee Machine by Bravilor Bonamat is perfectly packaged – being a fully automatic espresso machine, it is compact and yet has every coffee style to offer with 30 beverages to choose from. The sleek design, high-quality materials and user-friendly operation make the Sego both versatile, functional, and quite frankly, perfect for almost any coffee shop, self-service buffet, front-of-house customer service station in hotels and guesthouses, or even in the Gym cafeteria.

Thanks in part to the unique, patented rotary brewer, this espresso machine is very easy to clean and easy to maintain. The Sego can operate perfectly without a fixed water connection thanks to its additional pump set and water bottle/tank.

In the detail

  • Three canisters: one for coffee beans and two for instant ingredients
  • Intuitive touchscreen and menu up to 30 choices
  • Unique hot water system that minimizes limescale
  • Preference settings such as: grinding degree, pre-wet, contact time, coffee / water ratio and cup size
  • The Sego is ideal for small offices, waiting areas and shops
  • Automatic energy saving mode when the coffee machine is not used for some time
  • Hourly Output/Capacity:
    • Espresso: 120-150 cups (40 cc)
    • Coffee cream: 80-100 cups (125 cc)
    • Instant: 240 cups (30 liters)
  • Water pressure: at least 1 bar
  • Tap height: 105-135mm adjustable
  • Connection value: 230V ~ 50 / 60Hz 2250W
  • Color: Stainless dark
  • Dimensions: 310L x 464W x 588H mm
  • Capacity Bean Canister: 1 x 1.2kg
  • Capacity Instant Canister:
    • 1 x 3.2L (11L)
    • 2x 1.3L (12L)
  • Power: 230V ~ 50/60Hz, 2190W
  • The Sego Milk Fridge is sold separately (BFS1001)


As the leading manufacturer of filter coffee machines, espresso machines, fully automatic coffee machines and hot water dispensers, Bravilor Bonamat has grown from wholesaler to specialist producer, developer, manufacturer and supplier of international repute. All of the brand’s products are made with high-quality materials and are set apart from their peers thanks to their reliability, low energy consumption and long working life. Bravilor Bonamat sees quality as the common thread running throughout the business and this dedication to their craft has been recognised...

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