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Product Description

The Munich FuchsThaler cutlery set upholds the utmost of German standards with a classic design made to last. This range includes everything you need for both casual and fine dining establishments. It is entirely made from polished stainless steel which ensures its longevity in your dining room.

In the detail

  • Polished stainless steel 18/0
  • Hospitality grade cutlery range
  • Packed in 12 piece box set


FUCHSTHALER is quality knives and cutlery. German design and quality standards make this the ideal hospitality product, combining both tried and tested functionality with highly competitive price points. Fuchsthaler has been an established brand in South Africa for over 10 years and sets the standard in terms of the ideal balance between price, functionality and design.

The Fuchsthaler range encompasses products through all requirement aspects, from entry-level functionality to high-end design. Shop their collection ...

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