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Product Description

The Munich beer mug is designed in classic German style, featuring a wide bowl, sturdy handle and thick sham. Made to withstand frequent use, this beer glass is perfect for the hospitality industry.

In the detail

  • 100% glass
  • Dishwasher and glasswasher safe
  • Highly chip resistant
  • Marked with pour lines


When it comes to quality glassware, Libbey is the biggest name in the business. Their unique lifetime “CHIP GUARANTEE” is a must for any hospitality offering and has resulted in them being the preferred supplier to many of the world’s leading hotels and restaurant groups.

Founded in 1818, Libbey has been hard at work crafting some of the world’s best quality glasses and becoming a respected leader in their industry. Over the years it has acquired several well-known brands like Royal Leerdam, Crisa Mexico an...

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