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Product Description

End off the evening with a warm drink served in Leerdam Crisal’s stylish Irish coffee glass suitable for hot chocolate, ginger tea and more. Its sturdy handle, thick stem and firm base ensure its longevity in any setting commercial or domestic.

An Irish coffee mug is a type of glassware specifically designed for serving Irish coffee, a cocktail made with hot coffee, Irish whiskey, sugar, and topped with cream. The mug typically has a handle and a wide, shallow bowl to accommodate the layers of coffee, whiskey, and cream. The glass is often heat-resistant to handle the hot coffee and whiskey.

In the detail

  • 6 Pack Retail box
  • 100% glass
  • Highly chip resistant
  • Dishwasher and glasswasher safe
  • Suitable for hot & cold beverages
  • V252ml – H150mm