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Product Description

The Horeca marker is perfect for use with Araven’s airtight containers. This marker has water-soluble ink that can easily be wiped off so you can re-label containers for other items.

In the detail

  • Black marker pen
  • Permanent ink that is resistant to cold chamber condensation
  • Water-soluble ink for easy wiping off and re-labelling containers for other items
  • Dimensions: 19D x 138L mm


Innovation lies at the heart of Araven products, they say it's in their DNA. Based in Zaragoza, Spain, Araven is comprised of a multidisciplinary team of young creatives who’s dedication to continual improvement ensures that their range of offerings is of the highest quality in the market. So when it comes to choosing kitchen essentials look no further than their wide selection of kitchen solutions including airtight storage containers, kitchen utensils and more. Shop Araven for professional equipment for an investment that is safe, hygienic and long-lasting.Shop the Brand

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