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Product Description

Perfect for busy service environments, the GSP HD semi-automatic gravity slicer frees up hands to attend to customers while continuously producing consistent fine slices. Using the power of gravity, this meat slicer is simple to operate. It’s also easy to clean thanks to intuitive, modern design.

In the detail

  • Right carriage version for any application
  • Hygienic design for easy cleaning
  • Powerful Bizerba motor
  • Ergonomic inclined carriage
  • Voltage: 120/230V
  • Installation area (mm): 532L x 44W
  • Blade diameter: 330mm
  • Slicing performance: 35 – 90 slices per minute
  • Carriage inclination: 0°, 18° or 25°
  • Blade alignment: 40°
  • Slice thickness infinitely: 0 – 24mm
  • Slice thickness fine setting: 0 – 3mm
  • Protection type: IP33



This product holds a 1-year warranty, provided parts have not failed as a result of wear and tear or negligence.


Guided by a commitment to tradition, sustainability and responsibility, Bizerba offers its customers the largest and most unique range of slicing and weighing products and solutions in the industry. As a global leader, Bizerba commits to achieving the best results in terms of ergonomic design, hygiene, safety and efficiency for their whole range of products. Thanks to close collaboration with its customers and technological advancement, Bizerba strives to improve its products on a continual, day-to-day basis. This dedication allows you to shop with confidence knowing y...

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