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By Elisabeth Hodgson

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Product Description

This crinkle cutter chops, slices and cuts decorative wavy-cut vegetables and fruits quickly and easily. This vintage tool is a great addition to kitchen gadgets to save time during food preparation. Create fun, healthy snacks in no time. To slice, simply set the blade onto the item and press down with a firm pressure. Use an up-and-down motion for chopping until desired texture is achieved.

In the detail

  • Plastic handle
  • Polished stainless steel crinkle blade
  • Hand wash in warm, soapy water
  • Dimensions: 184L x 127W mm


Using the correct kitchen tools when cooking and baking makes the task so much easier. It is this very belief that has inspired Elisabeth Hodgson Kitchen to offer the public premium-quality kitchen utensils and tools since 1974. At EHK, they value tradition, consistency and, most importantly, quality, meaning every EHK product you buy has passed a rigorous testing process to ensure only the best of classic kitchen tools gets delivered to your door. So, kit out your kitchen with EHK’s host of beautifully designed, wood and stainless steel kitchen accessories.