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Product Description

The new SARS-CoV-2 Antibody One Step Rapid Test Kit is used to test for Covid-19 infection in people in the comfort of their own home or office. It has been approved by the Australian Government of Health, SAHPRA and adheres to the International Standards for Medical Devices. The test is Highly Accurate, quick and easy to use with a 15-20 minute waiting time for the results. The results establish whether the person is negative with the Covid-19 virus, or has had a previous infection. It also indicates whether a person is currently in the early stages of infection, or if the person is currently an active infected case with the possibility to infect other people.

4x Indication Results:

    • IgM Positive – Early stage infection with Covid-19
    • IgG Positive – Past infection with Covid-19
    • IgM & IgG Positive – Active infection with Covid-19 or possible secondary infection
    • Negative – No infection or not enough antibodies detected to confirm infection. *Confirm with RT-PCR if presence of symptoms)
  • Each Test Kit Includes:
    • 1x Buffer Liquid Tube
    • 1x Lancet
    • 1x Alcohol swab
    • 1x Plastic pippet

*Please note that we are not health care professionals. We cannot be held countable for any results whatsoever. When you receive a positive result, we recommend that you get tested again by a Covid Testing Clinic to confirm the infection. This is a antibody rapid test, however for a more accurate result we suggest getting swab tested. A ‘false positive’ result is possible.

In the detail

  • One step rapid Antibody Test Kit
  • Test for SARS-CoV-2 IgM and IgG Antibodies
  • High Accuracy Rate
  • Rapid Test Result within 15-20 minutes
  • International Standard Medical Device
  • Approved by the Australian Government Department of Health
  • SAHPRA Approved
  • Instruction for use:
    • Needle is used to prick finger (ring or middel finger)
    • Apply pressure to the pricked finger
    • Collect the blood drop with the pippet
    • Apply the blood sample to the test strip
    • Tap solution with finger to mix
    • Add the solution to the blood sample on the test strip
    • Read the results in 15-20 minutes

The two main antibody types which appear and disappear at different time points:

  • IgM antibodies start to appear first, usually 7-10 days after infection with coronavirus and disappear again after a few weeks to months.
  • IgG antibodies appear second, usually 2 weeks after infection with coronavirus, and usually persist for longer – in some infections, lifelong.