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The classic wide rim side plate is perfect for any setting, whether it is domestic or commercial, this blank canvas accentuates any master-dish. Its excellent durability and added glaze protection offers increased resistance to chipping and cracking. This commercial-quality dinnerware range is definitely an investment for catering companies focused on weddings and large catering events. The hospitality-grade wide rim collection is the ultimate blank canvas for plating.



In the detail

  • 200D mm
  • Wide rimmed side plate
  • White
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe
  • Durable to withstand high temperatures
  • Protective glaze layer
  • Alumina in clay body provides maximum strength and durability
  • Suitable for use in the fast-paced hospitality industry


Durable crockery designed for high volume hospitality use. Our MAROLA range is used extensively in leading hotel and restaurants across Southern Africa. With simple classic designs and extremely competitive pricing, MAROLA is the reliable go to for the hospitality industry.

Our MAROLA range carries a lifetime edge-chip guarantee. Make sure to keep it and return it back to your Core Catering Supplies store where it was purchased. With this guarantee, we will replace it for you!


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