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It is now easier than ever to create freshly squeezed juice in minutes with the professional Cancan manual juice press I. The frame and all contactable parts are made from stainless steel, with an extra wide juicer bowl that allows large fruits like pomegranates, pomelos, lemons, or vegetables like beetroot, tomatoes, and peppers giving you the freedom to create your own amazing juices whether for lunch at the office canteen, or in the comfort of your home.

The completely locking parts and durability of the stainless steel structure offers the user a stress-free, safe & fun juicing experience with an impressive 200lbs/90kg of squeezing pressure with minimal effort. The ergonomic handles, locking parts and solid weight offers additional stability and strength during use. The built-in drip cup prevents spills and collects additional juice between uses.

The Cancan range is NSF Certified and uses FDA approved raw materials for food safety and sanitation.


In the detail

  • Professional manual slow press juicer machine
  • Easily juice any citrus fruit
  • Easily extract large amounts of fresh juice from a variety of fruits and vegetables
  • Popular items include pomegranates, oranges, mandarins, tangerines, grapefruits, pomelos, limes, lemons, tomatoes, and beetroot.
  • Bowl size: 114.3mm
  • The bowl’s wide diameter allow for a wide variety of larger fruits and vegetables to be juiced with ease.
  • All the contact parts are made from commercial & food-grade stainless steel with impeccable durability, strength, and
  • No juice contact with aluminum or plastic.
  • 90kg of Squeezing pressure
  • Ergonomic handle and heavy-duty internal gears multiply the operator strength to create maximum juice output.
  • Fully locking parts enables a solid, non-slip fitting for the fruit or vegetables
  • The strainer and bowl lock into place for frustration-free operation.
  • Easily unlock the mechanism with a quick twist for an easy cleaning and sanitation solution.
  • Quick swing drip cup
  • Prevent spills and collect any leftover juice by positioning the very clever, built-in drip/taster cup underneath the bowl.
  • Lift and remove for simple pour out and cleaning.
  • Robust and durable with easy-to-use mechanism making it suitable for any environment.
  • All load-bearing parts are machined from solid stainless steel bars and are dishwasher safe.
  • The solid weight adds to stability during operation.
  • Anti-slip rubbers



This product holds a 2-year warranty on the motor and 1-year warranty on parts and labour, provided parts have not failed as a result of wear and tear or negligence.